Praktika Sardinijoje, Sasaryje tarptautiniame knygyne “Koinè

        Praktiką atlikau Sardinijoje, Sasaryje tarptautiniame knygyne “Koinè“.

        Šis knygynas yra didžiausias visame Sasaryje, turintis didžiulę knygų pasiūlą tiek italų, tiek užsienio (anglų, prancūzų, ispanų, rusų) kalbomis. Jame taip pat vyksta įvairios paskaitos, knygų prezentacijos, vaikų lavinimo laboratorijos ir pan. Tikrai galėčiau šį knygyną pavadinti svarbiu Sasario kultūros centru ir veikėju.

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          Internship in Spain, Cartagena

          Justina Karalytė

          I was really lucky to get a chance to travel to the beautiful maritime city of Spain, Cartagena, and spend here three unforgettable moths.

          Erasmus +internship in Cloud Incubator HUB at Polytechnic University of Cartagena for me was full of experience. Firstly here I have become acquainted with a fairly little known  for me up to now business field and a lot of terminology that comes with it. Moreover I was participating in  “Girl Power read more

            Internship in the Lithuanian Embassy in the Netherlands

            Greta Giedraitytė

            I participated in the Recent Graduate traineeship programme for a 4 month period in The Netherlands. I was a trainee in the Lithuanian Embassy in The Netherlands. This embassy is not only surrounded by many international organizations, but also organizes many cultural and other events. I had the opportunity to carry out many different tasks, including citizen services, event organizing, conferences, data processing, information systems managem read more

              Internship at the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy in Budapest, Hungary

              Sandros Kaziukonytė

              After finishing my Master’s studies in International Relations and Diplomacy, I have decided to do an Erasmus internship for the fourth time. It is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience and broaden your knowledge that cannot be missed.

              The mission of the Hosting Organization is to develop long-term cultural relations and deepen an understanding between different actors of international relations. Dialogue is perceived as the most read more

                Internship in Spain

                Viktorija Banelytė

                Challenges – it is something that every person needs in their life. Challenges help one improve, learn and grow. After the graduation from the Lithuanian fillology and Spanish language bachelor studies I decided to accept the new challenge – to prove my skills in a new environment.

                Thus I didn‘t wait long and straight after the graduation on September I moved to Spain for my ERASMUS+ graduate internship at the ‘Cloud Incubator Hub’ in Cartagena, Spain.

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                  Praktika LR ambasadoje Madride

                  Praktika LR ambasadoje Madride

                   Trukmė: 4-6 mėn.

                  Pradžia: 2018 gegužės mėn.

                  Reikalavimas – ispanų kalba B2/C1.

                  Iš kandidato tikimasi:

                  sekti Ispanijos vidaus ir užsienio politikos aktualijas; rengti analitines pažymas; sekti Ispanijos vidaus ekonominės ir finansinės politikos aktualijas; rengti analitines pažymas; prisidėti prie projektų, skatinanči read more