Internship at 2R ARQUITECTOS in Spain

After graduating in Kaunas University of Technology I got my Bachelor degree in architecture. I decided that I need more experience in my field of study, so I chosen to participate in post-graduate Erasmus+ internship. With some help from my university Erasmus curator and Partners 4 Value international student internship initiative I got 6 month internship in Cuenca, Spain.

During my internship I worked in “2R ARQUITECTOS” architecture studio in Cuenca, Spain. Work environment in the studio was wonderful – everyone was positive, helpful and dedicated. I worked with different architecture projects, which help me too see projects developments, improve my current skills and broaden the outlook in my field of study.

I would highly recommend this architecture studio for fellow architecture students, who want to not only improve their current skills, but also learn a lot of new things in architecture field.

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